I am very proud of the staff we have assembled at Tailwind Endurance.  A mix of riders and triathletes with a breadth of expertise and experience.   I am thrilled that we are able to learn from each other and have grown to communicate about the athletes that attend our classes.  This communication has helped athletes find success in their schedule no matter what day they ride.

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– International Triathlon Coaching Association
– USA Triathlon Level 1
– USA Cycling Level 3
– Precision Nutrition Essentials of Sports & Exercise Nutrition Certification
– National Counsel on Sports & Fitness CPT
– GURU/F.I.S.T. Bike Fitter

Years Experience: 16 years

Favorite Race: Survival of the Shawanunks (S.O.S)

Fastest Race: Beach 2 Battleship Full Iron – 10:58:22

Best Pre-Race Advice You Have Gotten: Trust your fitness.

Worst Pre-Race Advice You Have Gotten: Try this.

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Cat Mardis is a multiple Ironman finisher and long distance swimmer. Cat is the glue. She manages the day to day operations at Tailwind Endurance acting as organizer, therapist and consultant on many levels – often all at the same time. Look for Cat on the bike with you at the nooner classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.